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About New Game Plus.

New Game Plus is a visual novel taking place in a post-canon world that explores the ways in which the characters from Homestuck deal with the aftermath of Sburb.

An engaging narrative.

This isn't just a victory lap - everyone arrives on Earth-C with their own unique baggage.

Routes will overlap and intertwine, drawing the player into a complex narrative that tells the story of what happens when these characters stop playing the game... and start living their lives.

Made by fans who care.

This game is intended to be made with care for those who want to see something thoughtful and engaging from post-canon content.

With a team of over 30 writers, artists, programmers, and musicians, New Game Plus has a production team that represents a diverse cross-section of the Homestuck fandom. Everyone brings their unique experience and voice to the project!

saying something meaningful.

Our writers and artists have something to say - we'll be exploring your favorite characters in new ways, addressing long-standing problems, and tackling real-world issues of social justice, queer identity, gender, relationships, and so much more. As you experience these characters learning to be a part of this new world, you'll learn more and more about them and the people that they get to know and care about.

forever free.

New Game Plus is an entirely free game, released episodically in seasons. It has no micro-transactions... or macro-transactions, either!

Welcome to Earth-C.

Five thousand years is a really, really long time.

Long enough for the full breadth of human history to happen again.

What if the course of this new history went... just a bit farther?

Maybe even through a socialist revolution?

Earth C is populated by a bunch of different groups of sentient peoples.

You won't just see the Homestuck kids here! In fact, they aren't our player characters at all...

Coherent speculative worldbuilding.

A world created by the gods and aged up 5,000 years - civilizations have arisen and fallen and finally arrived at a world built on the principles of revolutionary egalitarianism.

Old friends and new faces.

Meet the consorts of the Deity Reintroduction Division!

Makthew, Neeva, Salamantha, and Tortimer will be the player's lens into the world of Earth-C!



The Main Characters.

A collective of over 30 Homestuck fans from diverse backgrounds, Studio June consists of artists, writers, musicians, and programmers from across the fandom - all dedicated to a vision of post-canon content that explores the characters we all love in a thoughtful, respectful way.

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Meet the Core Team.

Bucky Grant - Director (they/them, he/hir)

Bucky is a veteran of the Homestuck fandom for ALMOST a decade now, and has juggled a variety of work including writing, voice acting, art, game design, and of course, podcasting.

As the director of New Game Plus, they are responsible for wrangling the different pieces of the project into a cohesive whole. Every project needs a herd dog!

Jonaya Riley - Narrative Director (she/her)

Jonaya is a prolific writer and creator in the Homestuck fandom, having worked on numerous zines and projects and written more than a million words of Homestuck fiction.

As the narrative director for New Game Plus, she is responsible for the overall narrative consistency and plot, as well as the writer for several routes.

Momo - Art Director (they/them)

Momo has been reading MSPA materials since 2008, and has no plans of going anywhere anytime soon. They create the Act 8 fan adventure, and contribute to other fan projects like Vast Error and Act Omega.

As art director, they help the project achieve its visual goals and coordinate the efforts of its artists.

Daft - Music Director (he/him, they/them)

Daft creates critical fiction for the fandom space and is the writer and artist for the Alpha Halcyon Epsilon fan adventure.

As music director, their role is to make sure that the lines of communication between the artists and writers are open. Music is extremely important to setting a tone and feel that art and text cannot, and they believe in the ability of our musicians to co-operate successfully with the team.

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